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atlantis_lvw's Journal

Atlantis: Last Visible Writer
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Before the first challenge of the round is issued, there will be a week-long sign-up period. Please do not sign up if you can't commit to participating every week. After signing up, you should join and friend this community so you don't miss anything.


On Monday, the week's challenge will be announced. Some may be specific, some may be deliberately vague, and participants may be asked to write a genre or pairing they normally do not. The word length requirement will vary week to week, depending on the challenge (but the entries will never be more than 1000 words).

Suggestions for future challenges are always welcome.


Entries should be submitted - either in comment form on the challenge post, or in the case of a longer challenge, emailed to the moderator - no later than Saturday morning, and should conform to the entry guidelines . Voting will begin Saturday afternoon; any participant who hasn't submitted his or her entry by the time voting goes live will be disqualified from that round of the challenge.


The one exception to the previous rule is the Opt-Out. Each participant is given one opportunity to opt out of a challenge if they choose, but they must notify the moderator prior to the voting going live, or they will be disqualified. Available Opt-Outs can be found on the current participant roster .

The only challenge participants are not allowed to opt out of is the first challenge and - if he or she makes it to the final round - the last challenge.


The voting process is anonymous and open to anyone, so participants should feel free to direct others to the voting page. However, because the entries are anonymous, participants are asked not to reveal their entry to anyone prior to/during voting. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


Voters will be asked to select their  THREE LEAST FAVORITE entries, and provide a concrete reason why the entry didn't work for them. Voters may also select their MOST FAVORITE entry, though no justification will be required.

The writer(s) whose entries receives the most LEAST FAVORITE votes will be eliminated from the round. Please do not sign-up if your ego cannot handle being eliminated, that's how the game is played.


The length of each round depends on the number of participants. If the number of participants is high enough, more than one writer may be eliminated each week.

Eventually, only one participant will remain, and he or she will be declared the Last Visible Writer for that round. In addition to a sense of pride, the winner will receive a personalized banner, and their name will be added to the winner list. After the winner of the previous round is declared, the sign-up period for the next round will begin.


If you would like to play, sign up here. Please put "Self-Winding" in your subject line to indicate you've read all the rules.

Tuesday - Eliminations announced; new challenge issued
Thursday - Mid-week reminder
Saturday - Stories due
Sunday - Voting goes up

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