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02 October 2006 @ 09:43 am
This thread is for any/all comments on entries that are not part of the bottom three, and yet not the most favorite.

All comments here will also be screened, and contestants will only receive the comments if they request them.

No comments posted here will have any impact on eliminations.

All entries are here.
02 October 2006 @ 09:40 am
Please read each entry, and comment with the number of the THREE FICS you liked THE LEAST. I know it's getting more difficult as the number of entries gets smaller, but do your best. When voting, you must provide a reason for your selection, why one fic didn't work as well as another for you. Please provide concrete reasons, and don't vote strictly by personal preferences (e.g. pairing, POV, etc.) -- however, your explanation doesn't need to be lengthy. Authors are allowed to vote, though obviously not for themselves.

You may also vote for your most favorite fic, though a reason is not required for that. Please select only ONE (i.e. no ties).

Authors will be provided with any comments their fic receives, upon request; while it will be completely anonymous, please bear that in mind when commenting.

Please include the number AND the title, to eliminate confusion. An example of how to vote:

Least favorite
31) Title - Reason
43) Title - Reason
52) Title - Reason

Most favorite
38) Title

Voting is screened, and will remain open through Tuesday evening. Voting is open to anyone, so please feel free to link to this post - but remember authors, DO NOT reveal which story is yours until the voting is finished. Once the winner & eliminations have been announced, you may post your story anywhere you like.

This week, two authors will be eliminated.

If you would like to make comments about any entries which are neither your least favorite nor your most favorite, please do so here.

01. Come Into My Parlor - PGCollapse )

02. Do Not Pass Go - GCollapse )

03. Paintball Wars -- Scientists vs Military - General Audience, No SpoilersCollapse )

04. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe - General, no spoilersCollapse )

05. Running Backs and Shotguns - G, spoilers for The Return pt 1Collapse )

06. Children for a Day - GCollapse )

07. Marco Polo - G, No spoilersCollapse )

30 September 2006 @ 02:09 pm
This is your reminder, folks!

All stories are due on the challenge post by tomorrow - voting goes up Monday!

Good luck, everyone!
20 September 2006 @ 09:33 am
The list of remaining participants is here.

The theme this week is "playing games". You may interpret that however you like.

Also, at some point during the story, someone must explain an Earth custom/item/concept to someone from the Pegasus Galaxy.

Word count req: 500 words or less.

Because of the late start this week, I'm extending the deadline by an extra day. Please post your entry in the comments no later than Sunday, October 1. All entries will be screened.

Please include a title, rating and/or spoiler warnings in the subject line your entry (e.g. Happy Feet - Adult, Spoilers for 'Trinity'). If you need to credit a source other than Stargate Atlantis, please include this information somewhere as well.

If emailing your entries, please format them exactly as you would when posting to LiveJournal - meaning, with all your necessary formatting in place (<i>, <b>, etc.).

There are seven authors left, so this is the last regular challenge of this round - two more authors will be eliminated, and then it will be time for the final challenge! If you have any questions, please post them here in a separate comment.

Good luck, everyone!
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20 September 2006 @ 09:33 am
By all accounts, a very difficult week for voting!

The writers eliminated this week are:
alizarin_nyc - Lizzie 4
lavvyan - Suddenly Maybe

Thanks for playing!

The writers with the most "favorite" votes were:
wickedwords - The Jumper Lesson
settiai - If I Should Fall

Well done!

We had 16 voters this week. If anyone would like to see what comments, if any, were made regarding their entry, please leave your email address, and I will forward your comments.